Readers ask: How Do Scores Get Submitted For The Crossfit Open?

Completing the workouts and submitting your scores Until your score is validated—either by video submission or by an affiliate manager—it will appear as grey online. To submit your score, go back to the competition page and click the tab titled “Submit 15.1, 2, etc. Score”.

How do CrossFit Open scores get approved?

Once a non-video score has been submitted, it must be officially validated by an affiliate manager from the box where the workout was performed. Affiliate managers must pass the online Judges Course each year to be able to validate an athlete’s score in 2021 CrossFit Open.

How do you submit a score to the CrossFit Open?

From your Competition Dashboard select the 21.1 button under “Submit scores “. You will then be taken this page. Just hit “Delete Score” which seems scary but it’s not. After you do that you will be taken back back to your score submission page where you can submit another score.

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How does the 2021 CrossFit Open work?

TEAMS. The CrossFit Games season begins with the Open for teams. The top 25% of teams move on to the online Quarterfinals competition, where the top 20 teams on each continent are given a spot at a Semifinal event. The top teams from each Semifinal are awarded a spot at the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games.

Do I have to submit a video for the CrossFit Open?

Athletes who are members of or perform an Open event at a CrossFit affiliate in good standing with CrossFit, LLC are not required to submit a video for that score. Once a non-video score has been submitted, it must be officially validated by the affiliate manager from the affiliate where the event was performed.

Do you need a judge for CrossFit Open?

Judges are as integral to the success of CrossFit as a sport as the athletes and workouts themselves. You can’t have one without the other, and during the Open everyone has the opportunity to be a judge —if they so wish.

Why is my CrossFit Open score pending?

If your score is not on the leaderboard, but you did submit it, and the little circle next to you score is yellow, then you score is pending validation and should make it up on the leaderboard within the next few days.

How do you submit a video to the CrossFit Open?

I filmed my performance of the Online Qualifier event. How do I submit the video?

  1. Upload video of your workout performance to YouTube or Vimeo.
  2. Go to
  3. Log in using your CFID email address and password.
  4. Go to your Competition Dashboard.
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How do I upload my video to CrossFit?

To upload longer videos, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the upload page at
  2. Click Increase your limit at the bottom of the page, or visit
  3. Follow the steps to verify your account with a phone.

Do I have to film my open workout?

You should also film your workout in case your score requires validation. The video needs to follow rules and is subjected to being re-evaluated by the CrossFit Games internal review team. The video must show the athlete performing the movements in a clear manner.

What do you need for the CrossFit Open 2021?

2021 CrossFit Open Equipment List

  • A dumbbell.
  • A barbell and plates.
  • A plyo box.
  • A jump rope.
  • A pull-up location.
  • Wall space.

How many workouts is the CrossFit Open 2021?

The last Open took place in later in the year, but it’s been moved back to March which we think is a good move. This year’s Open has been reduced from 5 weeks of workouts to just 3. Even more reason to give them your best shot.

How much does it cost to enter the CrossFit Open?

A Festival Only Package is a six-day ticket bundle that allows access to all competition events, with the exception of events inside the Coliseum. Weeklong Festival Only Packages are $119 (plus a $10 facility fee) and provide access to all six days of the CrossFit Games.

Can I compete in the CrossFit Open?

THE WORLDWIDE OPEN Anyone who is at least 14 years old can sign up and join in the first stage of the CrossFit Games season with special divisions for teenagers, age groups, and adaptive athletes.

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How do you qualify for quarterfinals CrossFit Games?

The top 10 percent of men and women and top 25 percent of teams from the CrossFit Open on each continent will be invited to compete in the online Quarterfinals. Any athlete or team wishing to compete in the Quarterfinals must accept their invitation and register for Quarterfinals before the close of the competition.

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