FAQ: Crossfit What Is Triple Extension?

It begins when the knees reach maximum flexion during the transition phase. During the second-pull phase, the hips, knees and ankles are all violently extended. The end position of this phase is known as “triple extension” as the hips, knees and ankles all approach their maximum extension range of motion.

What is a triple extension?

Now, when we talk about triple extension, you can probably infer from the name that it refers to extension times three, which is exactly what it is. But, more specifically, it’s the simultaneous extension of the three main joints in your lower extremities: the hip, knee, and ankle joints.

Why is triple extension important?

In addition to improving performance, the concept of triple extension is very important to the prevention of ankle, knee, and hip injuries in explosive sports, particularly basketball.

What is a triple extension in writing?

You can use Triple Extensions to make your writing more colorful. A Triple Extension (3x) is using the same type of word three times in the same sentence.

What is triple extension and why is it important to train?

Here’s a definition: “Triple Extension refers to the explosive generation of power produced by the simultaneous extension of the hips, knees, & ankles.” The secret to maximizing an athletes force producing capability within the Olympic Lifts is in the correct timing of triple extension.

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What is triple extension and why is it so important to athleticism?

Triple extension produces the maximum amount of force. Think about it: Basketball, you are always jumping to either rebound the ball or make a shot; Football, when you make a tackle; Baseball, when you throw a pitch. All sports are revolved around triple extension….

What angle is triple extension?

The correct technique is called having a 90-degree angle with the elbow flexion and being able to use the stretch reflex from your chest and anterior deltoid.

What are the 3 joints involved in triple extension?

The word triple refers to 3 different joints; the hips, knees, and ankles, and extension at these joints means the muscles controlling the action are lengthened so these joints go from being bent to straight.

Why is triple extension with shoulder shrug important in a hang clean?

Solution: Once triple extension has occurred (see below), you must allow the elbows to forcefully follow the shrug vertically. Triple extension refers to the full extension of the ankle, knees, and hip joints. Achieving triple extension enables the athlete to finalize the second pull in the most vertical trajectory.

How important is hip extension?

Why are hip extension exercises important? Hip extension exercises are important because your hip extensor muscles — the glutes and hamstrings — are major movers for your body. Strong glutes are key for pelvic alignment and lower back support. Strong hamstrings help you run, walk, and jump.

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